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We believe that VCE Physics is a
simple subject

With the correct guidance, anyone can excel. At Complete, we have a passion for teaching physics, and aim to deliver the highest quality tuition in small classes and at a reasonable price. Our tutors are highly qualified, they have excelled in their physics education and have years of teaching experience to maximise the quality of content taught


The VCE Physics study design outlines all components that may be assessed in the course. At Complete, by structuring our lessons around the study design, we break down individual VCE dot-points one concept at a time. By supplementing our teaching with creative analogies, we break down complex notions into simple ideas. This allows our students to have a complete understanding of all theory required to succeed in their exams.


Without proper guidance, VCE Physics can be difficult because it is hard to determine what is important and what is not. At Complete, our years of specialist teaching experience have allowed us to distill the key points that are examinable. Students are taught from our highly refined notes, grasping high yield concepts and retaining them for the exam.


Through practice, students are able to adapt the theory they have learnt into a format that allows them to maximise their marks in SACs and the VCE exam. At Complete, we provide three tiers of questions from a diverse bank to achieve this.

Example questions are straightforward

This allows students to apply their knowledge and understand each concept.

Practice questions are harder

This allows students to engage with questions which require a greater deal of thought.

Revision questions are exam-styled

This allows students to gain familiarity and develop confidence in the VCE exam.
These practice questions, along with exam techniques that we’ve accumulated over the years enable students to excel in VCE Physics.
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